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Ordinary Heroes Project – Meeting #3 (Group)

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Welcome back to the Tavern, men!

Today was a further process of really naming our projects, of narrowing in on their specifics, and committing to them publicly.  We were reminded of the more general goal of this project – that is, living into our project with more awareness, and taking advantage of the format we are in to feel into this and experience it more completely than we otherwise would.

The project is designed to be a metaphor for all of the tasks in our life.  There was extensive discussion of feelings of apprehension, of requests for support, and demonstrations of that support.  Such a joy to be in the company of these men!

Many people had projects that were “things they longed to do but never got to do”.  Or in other words, something they’ve wanted to do one day – and now today is that day!  We were challenged to explore what we were crossing into with our projects.

Follow your bliss…


The Ordinary Heroes Project – Meeting #2

Last night was the second meeting for the Ordinary Heroes Project, this time we met with just our small group, these groups comprise about 8-10 men each.

We met via Fuze, which allows all the participants in our conference to simultaneously video stream with each other.  What a gift to be able to dedicate 90 minutes of an evening discussing projects, motivation, and tapping into gladness with this amazing group!  Our task, to be completed by Friday, is to move towards a project and pick a title for it.  The projects will be posted on our private website, for all to witness, monitor, and support in the coming four months.

Most of our time was spent discussing specific projects.  A common theme was that many undecided men were considering two projects; often one that was more for “the soul’s own joy” and another that would be more of “an act of service”.  Some men were unsure of the specifics of their project but had general direction, yet throughout there was a real sense of support as we all move towards finding an ordinary task that we will do with more vigor, support and accountability than we may have thought possible.

CR is going to be designing a ceremonial pipe that he has been considering for between 5 and 10 years.  DB is considering going to his own personal edge and putting together an internet presence after a long period avoiding Facebook and other such sites.  HS wants to tap into a hobby, surfing, that gives him joy – and is also considering an act of service.  Two men are interested in completing musical projects.  JR will take steps towards starting a business he has always dreamed of.  JC is going to a traditional college to complement his less traditional training.  MW is moving towards a project around fatherhood.

Some key takeaways: this is about awakening a part of you, bringing the journey alive in your daily life, and answering a deep calling.  It is time for all of us to reflect, and as the next step, name your project!  I’m excited to see how we all move forward in the coming weeks.