Ordinary Heroes Project – Meeting #3 (Group)

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 5.30.05 PM

Welcome back to the Tavern, men!

Today was a further process of really naming our projects, of narrowing in on their specifics, and committing to them publicly.  We were reminded of the more general goal of this project – that is, living into our project with more awareness, and taking advantage of the format we are in to feel into this and experience it more completely than we otherwise would.

The project is designed to be a metaphor for all of the tasks in our life.  There was extensive discussion of feelings of apprehension, of requests for support, and demonstrations of that support.  Such a joy to be in the company of these men!

Many people had projects that were “things they longed to do but never got to do”.  Or in other words, something they’ve wanted to do one day – and now today is that day!  We were challenged to explore what we were crossing into with our projects.

Follow your bliss…


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