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Soylent, Metrx, Green shakes, and my quest for a perfect meal replacement

The recent soylent craze ( has brought me back to my college years, where I swore by my daily Metrx meal replacement shakes.  The year I religiously took Metrx every morning (with skim milk and a banana) ranks as one of the healthiest of my entire life – I had a six pack, worked out intensely 3-4 days per week, and felt like a champ.

A couple of years ago, I acquired a Vitamix blender, and it once again revolutionized my morning meals.  Instead of powder and milk, I now mix up spinach and protein powder.  It’s great for breakfast, but is definitely lacking as a meal replacement – it doesn’t really have carbs, and lacks many essential nutrients.
Reading about Soylent inspired me to advance my meal replacement a little further.  However, I’m not Soylent’s target customer – why?
1) I’m not trying to eat for the lowest price possible.  Extra money for extra health is a worthwhile tradeoff for me.

2) Philosophically, I don’t like the idea of highly refined ingredients separated from their source food.  Maltodextrin is a key ingredient in Soylent, but this is essentially a corn-derived chemical.  It’s exactly this type of factory processing of food – breaking it into parts and reassembling it – that I think we need to get away from.  I want things that more closely resemble real food.

3) I try to avoid corn, dairy, and soy (three of the most common causes of food allergies).  So maltodextrin (based on GMO corn) is a no-no.
4) I am not looking for a total meal replacement, just a great balance to my diet

5) I believe that low inflammation should be one of the primary goals

So, I’m experimenting with Solyent alternatives.  My starting base is Schmoylent vanilla –  Recipe below

cups Oat Flour
cups Rice Flour
1 cup Vanilla Rice Protein
tsp Potassium Citrate
1 tbsp Psyllium Husk Powder
½ tsp Iodized Salt
tsp Calcium Citrate
½ tsp Choline Bitartrate
½ tsp Magnesium Citrate
¼ tsp Stevia Powder
tsp Xanthan Gum
2 capsule Celebrate Multivitamin Capsules
tbsp Canola Oil

I have ordered the base ingredients, but will be trying certain changes.
1) Replace the White Rice Flour with Brown Rice Flour
2) Use both a soluble fiber and an insoluble fiber
3) Use a broad spectrum, complete vegan protein such as Garden of Life Raw Protein
4) Eliminate the salt (I’ll get more than enough at my other meals and I’d like my blood pressure to be a bit lower)
5) Replace Magnesium Citrate with Magnesium Theronate
6) Reduce the Calcium Citrate by about 75%.  The dairy lobby has the US RDA at about 4x where it needs to be, and let’s not forget that “calcification” of your arteries is caused by – guess what – too much calcium.
7) Add a leafy green – rotating between spinach, chard, dandelion greens, beet greens, mustard greens
8) Add turmeric – great anti-inflammatory spice
9) Add Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotic to aid digestion and improve immunity
When I eat whole sardines with bones for breakfast, I’ll reduce the oil, eliminate calcium, and reduce protein.More to come, wish me luck.