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The Ordinary Heroes Project – Meeting #1

Yesterday was the first online meeting for the Ordinary Heroes Project, a pilot program from Hero’s Journey Foundation where 30 men will spend the next 3.5 months working collectively to bring their individual projects into reality.

I am thrilled to have been honored with an invitation to this pilot program.  The first meeting was marked by a real sense of community and coming together – we all took a brief moment to say hello to the group via video feed – and what a group it is!  Hailing from three continents, five decades, and a diverse array of experiences, it was incredible how quickly the sense of community began to develop – even amongst those who may not have known each other before.

The image and feeling that has stuck with me is the lightness of the burden as it is lifted by others from your shoulders.  I know many of us have begun to resonate with the idea that “Your great mistake is to act the drama as if you were alone”.  As a father of three working to build a family, that feeling is constantly in the background, and just bringing awareness to the possibility of being lifted with the community stirred me deeply.  I am excited for what awaits.

The concept of the “tavern” was prominent throughout, and gave cause for wonderful and bonding imagery (that of all of us together in a private tavern enjoying each other’s company), and a few hilarious laughs (like when Michael passed the “bill” for drinks through his video frame towards Nathan’s).

I don’t know what is to come, but I am ready.  It’s a bit like being on the high ropes and falling off, knowing that it will all turn out okay – let’s trust ourselves gentlemen as we leap together…